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Servicing a radiator A boiler and pipework

There may still be life in your old boiler!

The trained gas engineers at B. Robbins Plumbing & Heating will take care of any repairs, servicing and the maintenance of your boiler and heating system. We will carry out boiler repairs on all makes and manufacturers including traditional unvented systems and closed circuit vented systems.

Because we know how much of a nightmare it can be when your boiler breaks down we strive to be at your service as soon as possible. Our boiler repairs service is available 24/7 and all of our work is guaranteed for your piece of mind.


We are flexible to suit you so you don't need to worry in a boiler emergency, we will come to your rescue. We are situated in Bristol and are well located to get to you quickly in the surrounding areas.

We don't believe in making you wait

Central heating systems and boilers gradually build up sludge and scale during their operation. This manifests itself in a number of symptoms:


• Your heating is slow to warm up

• Higher than normal gas bills

• Cold spots on radiators

• Radiators need bleeding often

• The boiler and system are noisy

• Radiators, valves and joints fail more regularly


Our power flushing system removes this sludge and scale from your pump, boiler, pipes and radiators prolonging the life of your central heating system and saving you money in the long term.

Power flush your system

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